A Boutique Cleaning Company


Our Approach

Ace of Spades Cleaning has over 10 years experience in cleaning, maintenance and rental management and is family owned.  As a wife and mother, I know how hard it is to raise children, have pets and keep a clean home in today's hectic world. 
Being able to offer boutique quality cleaning at prices families can afford is our top priority. We know putting your home or business in someone's trust and care is a hard decision to make. We realize our clients put their trust in us everyday and that is something we take extremely serious. Letting someone into your home can be very personal, which is why your privacy is very important to us.  We screen our staff to ensure your trust and satisfaction is maintained. When you choose Ace of Spades Cleaning, you can rest assured you made the right decision! We will keep your property clean and smelling fresh for years to come. 

Meet the Team


Travis & Mindy Liticker


Travis and Mindy are proud parents of an adorable little boy. They share many passions in life, one being Ace of Spades Cleaning LLC and proving that a business can run efficiently and successfully while maintaining a traditional family.

Travis is a proud Veteran of the United State Marine Corps. When he decided to continue life as a civilian he found himself in the plumbing/ construction industry in SW GA. He worked his way from the bottom and learned many valuable techniques in maintaining properties along the way. He brings honesty, knowledgeable advice, and dependability to clients and potential clients that they can trust.

Mindy grew up with parents in SW GA who successfully started and maintained a variety of business's including one in the construction industry. She credits her understanding of running a business to her father who showed her how to be fair, professional and always provide the necessary excellent customer service all clients need. She went on to study business management, marketing and business accounting as an adult. This alone has given her the knowledge needed to have a successful career that has been self sustained. Her passion is cleaning and keeping things tidy and organized. As a tourist, she has seen her fair share of "bad cleans" and vows to never force her clients to witness the wrath of a dissatisfied guests due to cleaning issues.

After relocating to the beautiful emerald coast, they quickly noticed what many homeowners and business owners were missing... A reliable, professional company to assist in the maintenance and cleaning of their homes and offices. They have been in the cleaning and maintenance industry as business owners since 2009. "Ace of Spades Home Care" was formed in Feb 2009 and once they experienced steady growth, there was a need to form their LLC and change it to Ace of Spades Cleaning preventing any confusion on the service they were offering. After all, Ace of Spades is in the Cleaning industry and being clearly visible is a need in the area.  They wanted to better the industry by showing everyone that not all cleaners cut corners. Instead they ensure their staff actually clean all the corners. They maintain happy staff by treating their team with respect and fairness. A company is only as strong as their team. Travis and Mindy know without a strong and passionate team, they have nothing. . .